Enterprise Cyber Security

Information is powerful. So protecting your data should be a top priority. OES-Lancer understands the importance of security policy and procedure and the power your information holds. We offer a menu of services designed to test key aspects of your IT infrastructure, policies and security protocols. Through our assessments we can identify and close any security loopholes.

Red Team - Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing will take Corporate Vulnerability Assessment to a new level with the active penetration and exploitation of your organization’s networks in either a virtualized or real-time environment to best assess how strong your defenses really are. Red Team Penetration Testing attempts to target and exploit:

  • Employee data
  • Customer Data
  • Partner Data
  • Financial Information
  • Trade secrets
  • Account access
  • Proprietary Applications or Software
  • Company Servers

This approach quickly identifies strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s network capabilities and security posture. Penetration Testing is the most in-depth and extensive Tiered Service offered with a total assessment time maximum of two months.

Blue Team - Corporate Vulnerability Assessment

This level of service provides complete vulnerability assessment with a maximum of 160 hours of service and sampling on 1,000 devices and IP addresses in your network. The goal is to assess all systems in the organization.

Included in the assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • Personnel Interview
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Threat Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Reporting & Briefing

Alpha Team - Network Vulnerability Assessment

The Alpha Team service is a week-long assessment of an organization’s network vulnerabilities that is designed to provide a high level summary and brief to decision-makers as well as a detailed report of the network vulnerability findings.

Included in the assessment
  • Initial Consultation
  • Personnel Interview
  • Security Assessment
  • Reporting & Briefing

Agency Services

If your organization has a limited, but real need for testing the vulnerabilities of your network, OES-Lancer is able to provide services suitable to the level of need.

  • Remediation
  • IT Manager Security Training
  • SOP Development
  • Disaster Recovery Program Development

Note: Alpha Team functions do not make actionable corrections to vulnerabilities, but provide decision-makers with a tailored analysis for internal discussions on the next steps needed to secure the company’s networks.

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